Make With Molly

Each month we host the Make With Molly community themed cook-along. We encourage viewers of all cooking skills to have fun in the kitchen and break the stigma that tasty food is hard to make. Molly is passionate about teaching and sharing all elements of cooking and this allows her to assist in viewers' kitchens' while they are making live.

Viewers are able to sign up – and cook – weeks in advance when Molly releases the recipes she’ll be using.

You can cook along with her recipes or show off your own take on that month's theme. Get your photos into Discord before the end of the Make With Molly stream and that's it!

Good luck!

All month-specific information and signups are managed in our Discord community server. Click here to join!

Everyone that participates goes into a randomly selected giveaway between a $30 Gift Voucher, Down Under Box & Molly Merch item. All participants get 2,000 Molly Dollars.