Molly Dollars

Have you ever wanted to cook something and you didn’t know where to start or doubted your skills? Have you ever wanted to cook up a weird and wacky concoction but didn’t want to eat it? Well redeem some Molly Dollars (in-stream currency) and have Molly do it!

You have the ability to redeem a whole themed stream, just for you! Challenge Molly to create something on the spot, or work with her to create a fabulous recreation of your favourite food or idea.

Molly Dollars are earned by all sorts of interactions with the stream including subscribing, donations and cheering – even watching! When watching the show type !points in chat to find out how many you have and !store to see where/how to redeem. You can also click here to see redeem items.

If you have any suggestions for new Molly Dollar redemptions, we would love to hear them via the form on our Contact Page