The Stream


We do live cooking shows 5 times a week on! Monday-Friday 8AM Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

Make With Molly

Our (free to enter) Monthly Cook-Along! You can read much more about it here, but its a way for you to cook-along with Molly and share what you’ve prepared with the community! All entries go in the chance win a giveaway prize.

Choose a Theme

It wouldn’t be a very interactive cooking show if YOU couldn’t decide what we made, right?

Spend your in-stream currency 'Molly Dollars' to choose a theme to cook and decorate the kitchen with!

See the full with Molly Dollar pricings here.

Sharing Your Food in Discord

At the start of every stream we do a recap on what the community has eaten/made/seen since last stream! This is done by going through the #all-things-food channel in Discord.

You can join Discord for free to be apart of the conversation by clicking here.